I don't like people very much. I am very good at pretending I do though. I have 2 blogs already this one is specifically so I can rant and not be questioned about them.

Rants which are mine that might be selfish or whatnot but seriously I'm sick of being asked if I'm ok every time I make a slightly depressing text post.

Follow me or whatever I really don't care this blog is here for my benefit not yours.

11th March 2013


I am so proud of you Jess

My heart feels like it wants to explode and I’ve not felt something this good and this powerful or meaningful since I don’t remember when. I don’t think I have ever been able to post on here that I’m feeling something good but right now I am. I am crying over how happy I am and how proud I am. You’re amazing and you inspire me! I’ve missed you so much my dearest. I’ll be home soon and I’ll even get you a present :3

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